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NYU law schoolNew York University School of Law, or NYU Law, was established in 1835. It is the oldest law school in New York City. Despite the rather large student population of just under 1,400, class sizes remain fairly small. There are currently more than 400 faculty members (including 158 full time) on staff, which results in lots of individualized attention. A strong alumni network also helps aid students after graduation.

There are many degree options at NYU Law, including J.D, LL.M. and J.S.D. degrees. Students also have the opportunity to complete joint degrees with other schools at NYU such as the Stern School of Business. Individuals can pursue dual degrees with outside schools, like the Harvard Kennedy School of Government or Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs.

NYU LawSome of the most popular areas of study are environmental law, intellectual property law, international law and tax law. NYU Law’s curriculum differs a bit from other law schools because even first-year students have the chance to participate in real-life cases through the “Lawyering Program.” During their second and third years, students take on cases through one of the 30 legal clinics or 25 on-campus centers. Students are also required to complete Colloquia seminar classes which are similar to several workshops on one topic.

New York University School of LawThere are also many opportunities for students outside the classroom. Students can choose to participate in one of the foreign exchange student programs, where they can select from more than 15 universities around the world. Law students can also work for any of the nine student-run law journals including “New York University Law Review,” “NYU Annual Survey of American Law,” “NYU Journal of International Law and Politics” and “Review of Law and Social Change.” NYU Law students have the choice of over 80 student organizations on campus. Students looking for more chances to get real-life trial experience and individual attention from professors should look into NYU Law’s program.


Acceptance Rates

Median Student Scores

LSAT Range (25 to 75 Percentile)

GPA Range (25 to 75 Percentile)

Admissions Information

2020 acceptance rate: 21.58%

Number of 2020 applicants: 8,009

Number of 2020 matriculants: 406

Median LSAT: 170

Median GPA: 3.82

LSAT range (25 to 75 percentile): 167 to 172

GPA range (25 to 75 percentile): 3.65 to 3.90

Application Deadlines

November 15 is the Early Decision deadline.

February 15 is the deadline for regular admission. Decisions are made by the end of April.

New York University School of Law students are required to start in the fall.

Financial Aid

Total Cost and Total Expected Cost of Attendance

Median Grants for Students

Additional Information

Tuition (2020-2021): $68,348

Room, board, and other (2020-2021): $32,809

Total estimated cost of attendance (2020-2021): $101,157

Students who receive grants: 53%

Median grant amount: $25,000

conditional law school scholarships Conditional Scholarships

NYU School of Law does not award scholarships that can be reduced or eliminated based on law school academic performance other than failure to maintain good academic standing.

Score Card

Employment Statistics

Career Placement Results

Transfers Out

Average Bar Passage Differential

Class Size Analysis

Additional Information

Employment Statistics
Employed full-time, long-term, bar passage required: 88.6%
Employed full-time, long-term, JD advantage: 1.2%

Career Placement Results
BigLaw: 62.0%
Federal Clerkships: 2.1%

Net Transfers: +51
Transfers Out: 2

Average Bar Passage Differential (first time takers): 13.43%

Class Size Analysis
Under 25: 64%
25-49: 23%
50-74: 6%
75-99: 4%
100+: 3%

New York University School of Law

New York University School of Law

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